Creating a Drip Campaign

Creating a Drip Campaign

1. Start by clicking the “Marketing/CRM Tools” tab.

2. Select “Drip Email Campaign”

3. You will then see your list of past campaigns(or no list if it is your first campaign):

4. Click on “Setup New Drip Campaign” to create one, or click “Edit” on a past campaign.

5. The create campaign page will load:

select a campaign template, an existing campaign, or a blank campaign (for the advanced user).
If you select the option to use a campaign template; choose your template from the “available campaign templates” section.

6. Click “next” to continue.

7. Create a “title” (for easy management in the future), “description”, and “status”

8. Change the articles, edit, or select a different article.
You can also change the number of days until the next article is scheduled to send.

9. Create a message header and message footer or use the defaults:

10. Select your recipients by “available groups” or “available contacts”

11. Click “Save” to begin processing your campaign.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks tip!