Sending Newsletters & eFlyer

Marketing Wizard 101

1. Start by clicking the “Marketing/CRM Tools” tab.

2. Click on “Marketing Wizard”.

3. On this page, click on the dropdown menu and select one of your listings to market on the flyer:

4. Then select one of the template options:

a preview of the template will appear in the column next to the list.

5. Click “Next” once you have selected the template of your choice.

6. The next page allows you to edit the content within the flyer:

this allows you to remove/add photos, modify/replace the description, change your contact information, remove/replace the header, & more.

7. Click “Next” when you are done making changes.

8. The final step is to select the method to use the flyer:

·         E-mail them to your contacts/groups immediately (uses the newsletter tool)

·         Set up a date/time to send to your contacts/groups (uses newsletter tool)

·         Send to realtors and brokers in your targeted area (uses eFlyer tool)

·         Print the flyer

·         Save the flyer as an article in your library for later use

We hope you enjoyed this weeks tip!