Using Custom Buttons

Using the Button Generator to Create Custom Buttons

This is a quick tutorial to show you how to create custom buttons on your e-agents site! Your buttons can link to other custom pages, listings (REO’s, short sales, featured, sold, etc.), e-mail, and other websites (company sites, real estate news, blogs, etc.).

1. Click on “My Website”

2. “Site Settings”

3. Select “Navigation Links”

4. Now select the page you would like to add the buttons to (example “Home”)

5. Click the icon to edit the content page 1

6. When the icon is selected, this window will pop-up:

7. Select a button template offered on the screen:

8. Once selected, your screen will refresh and take you back up to the preview.

9. In this section, select a link found on your site, or leave it blank for later use. You will also need to type in the text to appear on the button, and small/medium/large font size:

10. When completed, your preview will show you how your final button looks:

11. Click SAVE when you are ready to insert the button onto your website page.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks tip!